Prusa I3 MK3: One of The Best Printers I’ve used!

Welcome back to 3D Printer Week at Ur Gay Guide! Today I am super excited to share about my first 3D printer… The Prusa I3 MK3!

When I was 14, I became obsessed with 3D Printing! All I asked for that year for Christmas was The Prusa I3 MK3, and sure enough, my family all helped me reach the goal of getting it.

While I was WAYYYYY over my head getting this printer as my first, never mind as a 14 year old, I learned a lot from this printer and really enjoyed my time with it.

Prusa I3 MK3
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Why did I choose the Prusa I3 MK3?

At the time, the Prusa I3 MK3 was one of the most advanced printers on the market for non industrial use. I had also seen all good reviews and knew I needed to start with a reliable printer.

For the price, this printer performs really well! The layer changes are barely visible and there are no noticeable layer lines like with my Ender 3 V2

I also chose the Prusa I3 MK3 because of their MMU upgrades, which at the time were groundbreaking! 

What is The Prusa MMU Upgrade?

The MMU stands for Multi Material Upgrade, meaning that you can use multiple colors of filament in the same print on the same layer, which was not a normal thing to see in 3d printers at the time. And yes, I did get the MMU 2 a little later when it came out.

I am a little ashamed to say I could NOT figure out the MMU 2 for the life of me. I had tried reaching out to Prusa Support, which were and are always great, but it was hard to troubleshoot over chat. So, years later, The MMU 2 is sitting in a box at the top of my closet and mocks me every-time I go to grab a shirt, lol.

No, but seriously, this printer is BAD ASS! I have loved learning on it and only really had to start doing serious maintenance on it within the past year, which means it laster a good 5 years which is amazing!

What’s next for Prusa?

Excuse me if I get a little geeky in this section, but I AM SOOOOO EXCITED for the new Prusa products!!!

First up is the Prusa MK4! 

Just like the MK3 it has high quality prints, Prusa Slicer, and is compatible with a wide range of filament materials… But here’s what’s new:

  • Color LCD Screen
    • I am so excited about this! No more reading on that tiny little screen!
  • High Speed
    • The MK4 prints a benchy in 20 Minutes!!! WHAT?!?!?!? For reference, it took the MK3 81 minutes to print a benchy!
  • Quick Swap Nozzle:
    • This small feature changes the game! It is now easier than ever to swap between nozzles!

Next up is the Prusa SL1S Resin Printer:

I have been dying to get my hands on a resin printer for A WHILE and could totally see myself trying out the Prusa SL1S.

Resin printers are completely different from FDM printers, but have their own pros and cons.

Right now, The SL1S is not my next printer, but is high on my list!



The Prusa XL is HUGE and can have up to 5 extruders with a separate tool head for each one!

This is insane to me! To be able to print in 5 colors with each filament having its own extruder and tool head is just such an exciting idea!!!

This is at the absolute top of my need list, right next to the new BAMBU Lab A1 Mini!

To sum it all up…

The Prusa I3 MK3 holds a special place in my heart as it was my first 3d printer and it was a very reliable machine.

I will be returning to Prusa for one of their new printers soon, and absolutely can’t wait to get my hands on a Prusa XL!

Happy printing!

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