TOYBOX 3D Printer: The Best 3d Printer for kids?

Welcome back to 3D Printer Week at Ur Gay Guide. We’re back with a small but mighty printer… the TOYBOX 3D Printer!!!

After seeing the TOYBOX printer on Shark Tank, I knew I needed it for my desk for quick prototyping.

While the TOYBOX is by no means the most advanced 3D printer I have, there are many reasons why I love it.

Toybox 3d printer

1. It’s perfect for kids:

The TOYBOX printer comes ready to print from the box, no need for assembly! This is the only 3d printer I have that is ready to use straight out of the box!

The design of the printer has safety in mind, minimizing the amount of hot spots on the printer that could lead to users getting hurt. I have burned myself countless times on my other printers, but not once on the Toybox!

The TOYBOX is also super easy to use. Simply turn it on, and beam a print from your phone! No need for leveling the bed, calibrating, or any other annoying pre print operations. The best part of this… I can monitor the print from my phone. The app tells me how long the print has left and how far along it is.

2. It’s super fast:

This printer is wicked fast. While the print surface is smaller, meaning less to print, it really impresses me how fast this printer can produce models.

Bonus points: It’s also pretty quiet!

3. You can print from your phone:

This is one of the coolest features of the TOYBOX 3d printer! TOYBOX has an app with a 3d model database that you can print any of their designs from, or upload your own STL directly into the app. 

This small detail eliminates the need for SD cards or USBs entirely. Which is a huge plus for me!

OH, and I almost forgot to mention, you can monitor the print from your phone! The app tells you how long the print has left. 

4. The removable print bed:

The TOYBOX 3d printer is the first, and only, 3d printer that I own that does not have a heated bed. This made me very skeptical about the print quality as well as the ability for the print to adhere to the bed, but to my surprise, I actually enjoy the non heated bed!

When prints are complete I don’t need to wait for the print bed to cool before removing the print, I can simply remove the bed, bend it, and BOOM, the print is done! This makes it super easy to remove prints from the bed!

5. IT’S FUN!!!

The TOYBOX 3d printer adds a new layer of fun to 3d printing with their marketing and naming strategies. One of the most fun parts of 3d printing with TOYBOX is their filaments, or should I say, their printer food! Printer food is a fun way to say filament, but it also helps with the naming of their colors, Black is Sesame, Pink is Bubblegum, Yellow is Lemon, and Green… IS MATCHA! How cute is that???

It’s so fun going through the website and deciding which “flavors” to purchase. They even sometimes offer special types of filament such as color changing, glow in the dark, and sparkle, which I have not been able to use on past printers. 

Overall, the TOYBOX 3d printer is the PERFECT printer for kids and I have enjoyed printing with it way more than I should have. For more info on the TOYBOX 3d printer and to see the amazing selection of prints they offer, check them out here.

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