My 7 Step Makeup Routine: Best Makeup For Men

One thing that you will soon learn about me is that I LOVE skincare and Makeup!
I love it so much that I actually worked at Ulta as a PBA while I was in college. That’s right, Makeup for men is a thing!
While I was there I learned A LOT and became very well versed in the world of beauty and makeup.
I wanted to pop on here and share a few of my favorite products, that I use every day as part of my makeup routine.

Step 1: Primer

There are so many amazing primers on the market but there are two main primers that I use.

Benefit’s The POREfessional Lite
The Porefessional Lite is my go to primer for many reasons, most of all being the texture and coverage that it provides. The Porefessional Lite has an almost matte feel, which is perfect to layer under foundation.
The Porefessional Lite is perfect for everyday use!

Urban Decay’s All Nighter Face Primer
On days when I know I’m going to be out for a while, or when I know I’ll be giving my makeup a hard days work *Cough Cough* When I go to Music Festivals, I always go with The All Nighter Primer. When I tell you my makeup isn’t going anywhere when I have this on… It survived Music Midtown 2021, and I barely did!
Another thing I especially love about The All Nighter Face Primer is that its offered in both a regular primer AND an “Ultra Glow” Primer, to help you get that perfect dewy finish.

Step 2: Foundation

When doing my makeup I usually ask myself what kind of day I am getting ready for.
Depending on the answer I either do light makeup, or I go all out!
When doing light makeup, I like to go with the Eaze Drops from Fenty Beauty.
When going all out, I use something a little more full coverage, Like the Florasis Fitting Foundation.

Fenty Beauty – Eaze Drops
This is my go to foundation since it covers well, but leaves my skin looking and feeling like skin!
I am obsessed with everything Fenty Beauty has put out and this is no exception!

Florasis Fitting Foundation
This isn’t the last time you will see Florasis in this post, because they are AMAZING!
I have never tried anything I haven’t liked from Florasis and their foundation is my go to when doing anything besides light makeup.
Their foundation is med-full coverage and VERY buildable! Making it perfect for those all out kind of days!

Step 3: Concealer

Adding Concealer is honestly my favorite part of my makeup routine. Being able to brighten my eyes up and really start to see the dimension build on my face so I don’t look flat faced after only putting on my foundation, is just stunning to me.

Tarte Shape Tape
SHOCKER… Another person recommending the Tarte Shape Tape. How original…
But seriously, I swear by this concealer. I have tried so many concealers that either leave my face feeling like clay, or giving zero coverage, but Tarte Shape Tape is my go to. This concealer covers EVERYTHING, and dries leaving my face feeling nice. I will say that I set it using a powder, but the concealer does most of the work for me.

PS: Don’t go with the ultra creamy… Stick with the normal shape tape!

Bonus Points: The IT Cosmetics Brush #7 is perfect for applying and buffing this concealer!

Step 4: Brows

So, there are a few different ways to go about shaping your eyebrows. The main way that I do it is by using a pomade, but there are also pens that get the job done when I am in a hurry. When it comes to makeup for men, Brows are a must!

Benefit’s POWmade
I just started using the POWmade about a year ago and I am so happy that I switched over! I love using the POWmade since it is so easy to draw on to the lower part of my brow and blends so well into the rest of my brow! This is definitely a holy grail for me!

Florasis’s Eyebrow Define Pencil
When I’m in a bit of a hurry or just don’t have the patience to sit down and work on my brows for five minutes, I love to use the Eyebrow Define Pencil by Florasis. This brow pencil is honestly the best brow pencil I have ever tried and is so easy to use. It is not hard like other pencils and does not hurt to apply like many others that I have used.

Bonus Points: The Benifit Cosmetics Dual-ended Angled Eyebrow Brush does wonders when using the POWmade!

Step 5: Eyes

When painting my eyes I use a simple two step process of eye shadow, and mascara. It gives the perfect effect I am going for while not being “too much.”

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil
Holy $&*#… this is one of my favorite products in the entire world.
I am obsessed with how pigmented the product is and easy to blend.
The best part… there is no brush needed, and the job gets done FAST!
My favorite color is the white, but I’ll sometimes add a bit of a shimmer pencil to my inner eyes to add depth.

I swear by this mascara! It stays all day and applies almost dry, which I love since I never do my bottom lashes. While it is not waterproof, by using a good setting spray, it won’t come off during those screaming in car 10 minute breaks 🙂

Step 6: Lips

No matter where I am going, or how much/little makeup I put on, I ALWAYS put some kind of product on my lips!

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb
When I tell you, this is my favorite lip product, I am not kidding!
This Gloss Bomb delivers and tastes amazing (Like the red gobstopper)!
It leaves my lips feeling full and shiny without giving that sticky feeling like most other balms.
My favorite color is definitely Fu$$y!

Too Faced Hangover Pillow Balm
THIS is my everyday balm! The two main ones I use are the original and the pink if I feel like adding a little color to my lips.
The Hangover Pillow Balm leaves my lips feeling extra soft and ready for whatever the day has instore for me.

Step 7: Setting Spray

Last, but definitely not least, is setting spray.
Arguably one of the most important steps in the makeup process, helping to seal in everything underneath and help your makeup last longer.
There are two setting sprays I recommend, and I use them to accomplish two different things

Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray
If you couldn’t tell, I like Urban Decay!
The All Nighter Setting Spray is seriously a game changer! When I spray this over my makeup, my face isn’t going anywhere!
I have cried with this on.
I have worked all day shifts with this on.
I have attended music festivals in the rain with this on.
And it STAYS ON!

MAC Fix+
I actually don’t use this as a setting spray at all, but rather a buffer for my makeup layers. When I am doing multiple layers, and going all out on my makeup, I like to add Fix+ as an in between to help lock the lower levels of makeup and to help prime for the next.
I also love to spray my brushes with this before using them on my face to help not lose as much product to the brush.
When I am really getting heavy on my makeup, I use a small fan to help make the Fix+ dry faster, and to help add that extra layer of elegance 😉

How Do I Take All This Makeup Off?

EASY! With my Makeup Eraser or Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover

Makeup Eraser
I love these makeup erasers so much!
They are so soft and easy to use, and the best part is all you need to do is add water.
When I run out, I throw them in my washing machine, and in 1-2 hours I have a brand new set to use in the new week.

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover
I have sensitive skin and every other makeup remover that I have tried always leaves my face feeling red. It is so important to find a makeup remover that your skin is ok with!
I am able to use this makeup remover everywhere on my face and still feel ok.
Also, I have gotten this in my eye A BUNCH of times and it never burns!
It makes my vision blurry for .3 seconds and then everything is back to normal.
While I do NOT recommend getting this in your eyes, I know for me, it doesn’t burn.

Joey: Makeup for men

About The Author:

Hey there! My name is Joey and I am so excited to be sharing a bit about my life and the products that help me on an everyday basis! I hope you learn something from my posts and most of all HAVE FUN!

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    1. I also LOVE Fenty!
      The most important thing to know when picking a foundation is your undertone.
      An easy way to check this is by looking at the color of the veins on the inside of your wrist:
      If your veins look blue you have a cool undertone.
      If your veins look green you have a warm undertone.
      On a side note, I always go with a neutral color for my concealer.
      Hope this helps 🙂

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