Felix Gray Blue Light Glasses: How to Protect Your Eyes

I want to start this off by saying, I am not claiming to be an expert in the glasses field, but I do have over a decade experience of wearing glasses… LOL!

With that being said, Felix Gray Blue Light Glasses are definitely high on my list of favs!

I have tried SOOOOO MANY pairs of glasses. From Oakley, to Calvin Klein, I have tried most brands, shapes, and sizes of glasses, never-mind the endless prescriptions and sight changes.

After reading the current research coming out about how Blue Light can negatively affect your eyes, I was persuaded to look into getting a pair of Blue Light blocking glasses. My job is on the computer and I am constantly editing videos on my phone, so there is no shortage of blue light coming at my eyes! Plus add in the endless amount of school work that is assigned on the computer and it is a recipe for disaster for my eyes!

There were endless options for blue light glasses, but not many offered prescription Blue Light glasses like Felix Gray!

Felix Gray really caught my eye *quiet laughter*

The Turtle Shell colored Volta glasses were an immediate must have for me. I have always loved tigers eye and to me, the turtle shell looks just like it! While the turtle shell is my favorite, if you don’t have the same taste as me… there are many more options for you to choose from!

Less than two minutes after seeing them, the order was placed and I was ready to see the world from the eyes of Felix Gray… Ok I’ll stop with the glasses jokes… Maybe…

After the glasses arrived and I tried them on, I had a whole new perspective of the world… That was the last one, I promise!

Seriously though, the glasses are comfortable and durable! They got my prescription correct and I truly feel as though they have helped me stay protected against harsh Blue Light. The best part is that these are the glasses I wear all day! No more having to switch between two pairs of glasses when I sit down to work, because these glasses do it all!

Felix Gray Blue Light Glasses

About Felix Gray Blue Light Glasses:

Felix Gray glasses use a proprietary lens technology that filters out a significant portion of blue light, while still allowing you to see colors naturally. They also offer a variety of lens tints, so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs. Looking back on it, I wish I had ordered a pair of sunglasses from them, but you know… Hindsights 20/20.

For example, their amber lenses are designed to help you sleep better at night by blocking out blue light, which can interfere with melatonin production, and we don’t want that! Their clear lenses are perfect for everyday wear, and they offer a very large variety of different frame styles to choose from.

Felix Gray glasses are also available with prescription lenses, so you can get the protection of blue light blocking lenses without having to sacrifice your vision.

Here are some of the benefits of wearing Felix Gray glasses:

  • Reduces eye strain and fatigue
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Protects your eyes from harmful blue light
  • Stylish and comfortable to wear

Felix Gray glasses are a great choice for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a digital screen, like me. They can help to protect your eyes and improve your overall health and well-being. 

Make sure to check out Felix Gray for more info on their brand and the products they offer!

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