Cooper’s Top Picks For Pampered Pups: The Best Dog Accessories of 2024

My dog cooper is one of the most pampered pups I know. He has tried SO MANY products for reviews and he has seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. 

Here are a few of Cooper’s Top Picks For Pampered Pups!

Casper Dog Bed

Dogs can sleep up to 20 hours a day… WOAH! Which is why it is important that they have a bed that can help support their joints and muscles. Casper’s Dog Bed is made from memory foam to help support your dog and all their needs!

Cooper absolutely LOVES his bed from Casper! He loves pawing and scratching to mark his territory and Casper’s Dog Bed features excess material on the top to help mimic the sensation of pawing at loose earth!
Casper really cared about creating one of the best dog beds available and it shows in the details!

Calming Blanket

While Cooper loves his Casper Dog Bed, he sometimes falls asleep in the living room and I always felt bad that he didn’t have a space to himself. To help him feel more comfortable, we layed out the Calming Blanket from Coco & Bark

When we are reading or spending time in the living room, he does NOT leave this blanket. He paws at it. He scratches his back on it. He even sleeps on it sometimes. This calming blanket is one of the best pet products either of us have ever tried!

Lamb Wolf Collective

Cooper is the type of dog that really enjoys being in clothing. He struts his way down the hallway like its New York Fashion Week and he is wearing a custom Versace shirt made exclusively for him, even if it’s just a bandana 🙂

Some of Cooper’s favorite pieces are from a site named Lamb Wolf, and most special of all, is his Waffle shirt!

The Waffle shirt is a knit tee with buttons to make him feel extra dapper. 

Their sizing is pretty spot on and they even offer a Bath Robe for when you get done washing your 4 legged friend.

coopers top picks for pampered pups


In my bedroom, I have a corner where Cooper has his Casper Bed, as well as an LED Strip controlled by Alexa. While it was a cute spot, I wanted to decorate the walls to help it feel more like HIS room.

I found a site that turns pets into pop culture portraits, so naturally I had to buy a few! I ordered Cooper as The President, Jon Snow, and even a Jedi from Star Wars.

These portraits make the perfect addition to Cooper’s room and help to tie the theme together!


While Cooper hasn’t yet tried the subscription box from BarkBox, he has tried the dog toys from BarkBox that are sold in stores, and he loves them!

Something really cool about BarkBox toys is that they are super durable, and some toys have a second toy built in just in case your pup gets a little too excited over them.

His favorite BarkBox toy is the Dunkin’ Donuts bag and Donut that came out a couple of years ago.

Embark DNA

Embark was a gift that my family got for Cooper so that we could learn a bit more about his ancestry.

The DNA kit identified Cooper’s breeds, as well as… HIS RELATIVES!!! How insane is that?!?!? We even found one of Cooper’s second cousins and they look alike!

Here was Cooper’s breakdown, and man was it a surprise!

18.9% Maltese

15.8% Pomeranian

15.9% Poodle (Small)

14.5% Pekingese

13.1% Chihuahua

12.6% Yorkshire Terrier

9.8% Miniature Pinscher

Or as they summed it up “Mixed Breed”

Spot Farms

Finding treats that I feel safe giving to Cooper is an endless list of jumping through hoops, before we even get a taste test from Cooper.

Spot Farms is one of the only brands that we have found that has both made it though my check list, as well as gotten Cooper’s seal of approval.

His three favorites are the Chicken Apple Sausage, Chicken Nuggets, and Turkey Meatballs!


Cooper LOVES himself a good Whimzee!

While these treats are bigger than his usual treats, they are beneficial to his teeth which is the main reason why we get them!

His favorite are the alligators, which is why we usually purchase the variety pack for extra small dogs.

The best part… They help make his breath a little more bearable 🙂

Burt’s Bees Bath Soap

While we usually get cooper groomed, we sometimes have to give him an improvised shower. While I usually dread this as he is not the most easy bather, I actually kind of enjoy the scent of the Burts Bees shampoo that we use.

Cooper has had no issue with this shampoo and has not had any reaction to it, which in my mind is a huge pro!

I hope you learned something from Cooper’s Top Picks and we hope you have a PAWsome day!!!

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