7 Fun Date Ideas in Atlanta

With the world of dating changing faster than Katy Perry during tour, it’s hard to find the perfect place for a date. Atlanta is HUGE and google is overwhelming and little help, so here are my top picks for fun date ideas in Atlanta.

Here are 7 of our favorite fun date ideas in Atlanta:

1. BeltLine Stroll

While I am not much of a walker, I do enjoy the BeltLine. Between the murals and greenery, the BeltLine has something to offer for everybody. Make sure to bring your appetite to this date, because there is no shortage of restaurants along your walk.

*My favorite stop is at King of Pops!

2. Piedmont Park Picnic

A picnic in Piedmont Park is one of the most romantic and personalizable dates I have included on the list. It combines nature, food, and talking all in one unique and unforgettable experience. Make sure to bring a thick blanket for optimal comfort and don’t forget to pack dessert!

*Pet friendly date idea!!!

3. Atlanta Botanical Garden

If your partner is like mine and enjoys being in nature, this is the date spot for you! The Atlanta Botanical Garden was hands down one of the best dates we’ve been on yet. It’s so peaceful and easy to stay at all day!

*I enjoy going around 5pm to experience the change from day to night.

4. High Museum of Art

I am an art geek, from Agam to Fazzino, I love it all!!! For me, the High Museum of Art is a must-visit because I am able to share something I love with the person I love. The High is constantly putting out new exhibits making every visit a new experience, and even more enjoyable than the last.

5. SkyView Atlanta

The SkyView was in fact the first official date that my partner and I went on followed by The Sugar Factory for dinner. The views of Atlanta are unparalleled especially at night. SkyView Atlanta has many options to take your date to the next level, including a date package that comes with a box of chocolates… How romantic!?!?!?

6. Atlanta Food Truck Park

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love food??? While my partner and I have completely different likings when it comes to food, with the Atlanta Food Truck Park, we are able to both get what we want, while having a nice meal together. 

*This date idea is believed to decrease the chance of arguing over where to eat by 67% 😉

Fun date ideas in Atlanta

7. The Georgia Aquarium

There’s something about the aquarium that is so relaxing! While I love observing, my partner enjoys learning and sharing about the animals. For us, this is a great place to connect and chat about our favorite animals and really get to know one another.

*The gift shop is a great place to get a stuffed penguin that will live on your bed for the next 3 years.


The key to a successful date is to embrace the moment and create lasting memories TOGETHER. My best suggestion is to go somewhere to help your date learn about you. If you love art, go to The High Museum of Art. If you love nature, go to the Botanical Garden. In the end, being together in the moment is the most important part of a date, not the location.

Ultimately, this is a date that you will remember for decades to come. If it’s the best date ever… GREAT! If it’s absolutely the worst location, but the company was good, then it can become something to laugh about years later.

Feel Free to drop your Atlanta Date Ideas below in the comments.

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